Dutch Court: Fake Bitcoin Ads Must be Removed from Facebook

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Following John de Mol’s lawsuit against Facebook, a Dutch court made a ruling against the social media giant. Facebook must now remove all fake bitcoin-related ads from its platform.

According to Reuters, the Dutch producer and billionaire filed judicial proceedings against Facebook back in June. He claimed that the social media giant failed to respond to multiple of his request to remove fake bitcoin-related adds. The adds featured him plus many other celebrities and resulted in the estimated loss of $1.8 million by investors.

After de Mol’s claim was taken into consideration, a Dutch court came out with the ruling that Facebook must immediately pull all the fake bitcoin ads. The social media platform must also provide the local authorities with all of the requested information about the individuals who were responsible for the scam. If Facebook does not comply, the court stated that the social media giant would be fined $1.2 million.

The court stated:

“The company’s arguments for the fake bitcoin ads being a funnel of information, and therefore removing Facebook from the obligation to act are simply absurd. On its own platform, the company plays the leading roll in respects to advertisements, which are also its primary business models.”

The fake bitcoin ads were noticed by Facebook, but not fast enough

Facebook did not remain silent and revealed that the ads were all removed as soon as they were found. The company also revealed that it’s considering all legal actions including an appeal:

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“The court’s ruling does not change our commitment to fight such ads. These ads have absolutely no place on our platform and they are removed the second they are found.”

This however, is not the first time the Dutch billionaire has encountered the fake ads. Back in October 2018, he filed his first lawsuit against Facebook for the same type of fake bitcoin ads.

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