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If you don’t own gold, there is no sensible reason other than you don’t know history or you don’t know the economics of it. -Ray Dalio

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Why Is It Important To Invest?

Why Should You Invest?

As a smart wealth investor, if you want to build wealth, you know that investing is the necessary way to do so. You understand that you will not grow rich just from saving. This doesn’t mean that one should not save.  Saving should definitely be a part of your arsenal and strategy towards wealth creation, but we know that saving is only just a stepping stone towards one’s wealth creation. As you are accumulating some capital, you should apply your savings to investing wisely and as quickly as possible.   Quickly doesn’t mean irrationaly.  However, it is not always best to wait until you begin investing, especially because it may take you a long amount of time to accumulate a significant amount of capital.  Always remember and be prepared for experiencing some level of loss and disappointment because investing always will come with some level of risks. Cases of people saving for some time, then losing the entire amount in one bad deal are common.  Instead you should always look for ways to leverage both your time and money into the best ways possible in allowing your smart decision making and growing intelligence to begin being the most resourceful resources for you.

Your main aim with it all should be to grow.  Whether your goal is to grow your level of intelligence and the amount of free time, or whether it is to grow your current state of capital. The key thing is growth.  Let us share with you some of the key reasons why one should invest.

Grow Your Wealth

Growing your wealth is the number one reason you should invest because it not only secures your future, it improves or maintains the current condition of your quality of life.  The type of investment you choose should be determined by your current capabilities, such as your availability of time and capital.  For example, if you’re employed full time, you can opt for passive investments such as stocks, bonds, precious metals, and certificates of deposits among others.  If you have a lot of free time, you can consider more hands on investments such as developing a business or involving yourself in real estate.

Secure Your Retirement

Failing to invest is the main reason folks go back to work during or after their scheduled years of retirement.  This has become more and more frequent into today’s economic environment. If you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, start preparing for your retirement now and today. If you’re working you should be having a retirement plan or even a retirement account. You can then invest the savings in your retirement account in lucrative portfolios such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks, or real estate. If you consider yourself to be young or more tolerant of risk, you can pursue more potentially riskier investments that may offer you higher returns.  Remember, it is never best to get into any type of investment with a rush mentality to make money quick or to “get rich quick”.

Protect Yourself From Inflation

 Remember, every day you are losing some of the money you save to inflation every year.  This means that every dollar that you work hard for today is valued less tomorrow and you have to work harder the following day than you did the day prior.  This also means that just simply leaving money in a saving account for years greatly reduces your purchasing power thereafter. Remember, something as simple as both gas and water are two elements that have only become more easily accessible, but yet there cost has greatly increased from days of the  past.  Conversely, an element such as gold that also has attributes that have remained unchanged now has an extraordinary price point today than it did years ago.  One has to ask one’s self, has your government’s currency become less powerful and more in debt, or have precious metals somehow done something different to become more expensive?  Investing your money gives you returns that continuously increase your purchasing power and assist you in the maintenance of maintaining and improving your quality standard of life. 

Cushion Yourself From Taxation

Some investment options like the 401(k) plan allow you to invest your money before paying tax. This option enables you save money compared to investing after paying tax.  There are many debates as to how the wealthy are able to participate in paying lower tax than the majority of the working class.  As with any government, it is a system established on laws.  Working with your tax laws and taking part in contributing to society such as by providing real estate or a business, enables you to secure some of the numerous benefits that are offered to you as an investor.  

Start & Grow A Business

Starting and building a business can be an enjoyable and highly rewarding activity for business people.   However, don’t overlook the fact and widely ignored statistic that the majority of businesses fail.  This 90% failure rate is often overlooked, and at, our job is to equip you in the most powerful ways possible to avoid being lost inside of this massive loss rate.  Growing a business can empower you to not only create a lifestyle and wealth for yourself like no other, but also it can allow you to create a fortunate lifestyle for others as well. 

Freedom of Adventure

Most new ventures need financial support and they are constantly looking for investors to support them. You could be the angel investor and reap the rewards that come with it. Nevertheless, before investing in a new venture you must do research and determine whether the company has potential to grow in the future. If you pick the right company and invest in it, you stand to reap big in the future when the company grows.

Freedom To Invest In Others

Investing in people is the best way of supporting them. This’s the reason most successful entrepreneur invest in people in the form of giving loans to business owners and manufacturers, or supporting artists.

If you have read this information thoroughly, these are seven positive key reasons you should consider investing your money instead of letting it sit inside of a bank account.

Precious Metals Investing

During times of uncertainty and instability, it cannot be more greater said, stated or understood, that you have to not only go back to the basics, but it is also necessary for you to better understand the basics.  Many people understand, specifically high level investors, that precious metals are GOD’s form of currency and investment.  This could not be more accurate and more closely aligned to the Truth.  Gold, silver, and other precious metals have been here before man, and will continue to be here after every currency shift. When it comes to the staying power between precious metals and any government’s currency, precious metals win every time hands down.  The details of this page are not based only on the sole action of investing, but rather the wise fundamentals of “smart investing”.  In order to make smart, executive investment decisions for both you and your family’s future, you have to have first a level of knowledge and understanding, even if it is only basic.  You may very well be the only one to not only be invested in gold and silver within your family, but you may also be the only one to guide your family through the climate change of financial uncertainty that is very abrupt and unkind when economic collapse occurs.  Our goal for you at Smart Wealth Investments, is that you would be made smarter and sharper from our premium content material, than when you first came and arrived here.      

The time and urgency could not be any more important now to invest in gold and other precious metals for the protection of your retirement and your current way of life provided by your income status. With gold being the traditional standard for nearly every economy, including the United States, it is no wonder why gold remains such a sought after store of value. Here at Smart Wealth Investments, our goal is to not only liberate you into the wonderful opportunities of providing wealth protection to your hard earned income, but to also educate you. We will tell you why, in our opinion, that we feel making an investment into gold and other precious metals, is not only a smart investment, but an essential investment. There is not a more better time to not only lock-in and attach your currency into a real asset vehicle, but to also enjoy some of the appreciation that comes along with investing in precious metals during economic downturns.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information that you need to know to make a smart gold and precious metal investment decision. We know that in making these smart decisions now that you will immediately be making your life a bit easier without having to be reliant on the pace or the trajectory of the stock market and the economy.

There are a number of quality Gold and Silver providers to protect your retirement and IRA accounts, but above and beyond, our favorite based on value and verified quality customer service has been Regal Assets. Without getting into too much detail, we feel that we have protected and provided guidance with our client base with every single transaction when it has come to referring them to Regal Assets. We will go into more detail and direction as to why we feel Regal Assets has been without a doubt the number one, and the best superior performing gold investment vehicle for our clients that are mentally and actively focused on protecting the accumulated fortunes that they have worked so hard to earn and protect over time. However, first we would like to educate you on the importance of making a precious metal investment to secure your financial future.

Why Precious Metals?

For years, since the beginning of time: gold, silver and other precious metals have been referred to as God’s currency. Gold has outlasted all other forms of currencies, including government forms of currencies, giving precious metals a proven track record based upon trust and reliability. Precious metals have long had sustainability due to their importance in the world as they are vital and essential to providing multiple uses to our everyday life. Government currencies however only have one use and that is in the ability to use as a form of exchange. With precious metals however, one can use it not only as a global and international form of exchange, but also for the many types of current industrial use. Precious metals are limited and there cannot be additional precious metals created. Contrary, with government currencies, we know that the paper currencies can be printed and re-printed at the discretion and desire of the government, no matter how far out of balance the nation’s budget or deficits are. With gold and silver, you are creating an immediate hedge of protection from what is going on and happening in both your local and federal government. There are numerous resources out there that will continue to show you the value of gold and silver precious metal investing. We recommend Mike Maloney’s, Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future. This book is very articulate in communicating to you the wealth of ideas in providing understanding to just how important it is to be invested at some level into precious metals, such as gold and silver. Many leading financial heads are invested in precious metals, and they will tell you to limit your holdings to only 10%, but keep this in mind, the stock market has crashed and stocks have gone to zero (0%), but gold and silver have never ever been valued at zero (0%). Never. It is important for us to give you a more deeper understanding of not only why you should invest in precious metals, but also how you can invest in precious metals. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself during this time and at anytime is in educating yourself. Your power to make yourself better today comes from simple moments like this that you are taking the time to indulge in.

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