If you don’t own gold, there is no sensible reason other than you don’t know history or you don’t know the economics of it. -Ray Dalio

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Why Invest In Gold & Other Precious Metals?

The time and urgency could not be any more important now to invest in gold and other precious metals for the protection of your retirement and your current way of life provided by your income status. With gold being the traditional standard for nearly every economy, including the United States, it is no wonder why gold remains such a sought after store of value. Here at Smart Wealth Investments, our goal is to not only liberate you into the wonderful opportunities of providing wealth protection to your hard earned income, but to also educate you. We will tell you why, in our opinion, that we feel making an investment into gold and other precious metals, is not only a smart investment, but an essential investment. There is not a more better time to not only lock-in and attach your currency into a real asset vehicle, but to also enjoy some of the appreciation that comes along with investing in precious metals during economic downturns.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information that you need to know to make a smart gold and precious metal investment decision. We know that in making these smart decisions now that you will immediately be making your life a bit easier without having to be reliant on the pace or the trajectory of the stock market and the economy.

There are a number of quality Gold and Silver providers to protect your retirement and IRA accounts, but above and beyond, our favorite based on value and verified quality customer service has been Regal Assets. Without getting into too much detail, we feel that we have protected and provided guidance with our client base with every single transaction when it has come to referring them to Regal Assets. We will go into more detail and direction as to why we feel Regal Assets has been without a doubt the number one, and the best superior performing gold investment vehicle for our clients that are mentally and actively focused on protecting the accumulated fortunes that they have worked so hard to earn and protect over time. However, first we would like to educate you on the importance of making a precious metal investment to secure your financial future.

Why Precious Metals?

For years, since the beginning of time: gold, silver and other precious metals have been referred to as God’s currency. Gold has outlasted all other forms of currencies, including government forms of currencies, giving precious metals a proven track record based upon trust and reliability. Precious metals have long had sustainability due to their importance in the world as they are vital and essential to providing multiple uses to our everyday life. Government currencies however only have one use and that is in the ability to use as a form of exchange. With precious metals however, one can use it not only as a global and international form of exchange, but also for the many types of current industrial use. Precious metals are limited and there cannot be additional precious metals created. Contrary, with government currencies, we know that the paper currencies can be printed and re-printed at the discretion and desire of the government, no matter how far out of balance the nation’s budget or deficits are. With gold and silver, you are creating an immediate hedge of protection from what is going on and happening in both your local and federal government. There are numerous resources out there that will continue to show you the value of gold and silver precious metal investing. We recommend Mike Maloney’s, Guide To Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future. This book is very articulate in communicating to you the wealth of ideas in providing understanding to just how important it is to be invested at some level into precious metals, such as gold and silver. Many leading financial heads are invested in precious metals, and they will tell you to limit your holdings to only 10%, but keep this in mind, the stock market has crashed and stocks have gone to zero (0%), but gold and silver have never ever been valued at zero (0%). Never. It is important for us to give you a more deeper understanding of not only why you should invest in precious metals, but also how you can invest in precious metals. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself during this time and at anytime is in educating yourself. Your power to make yourself better today comes from simple moments like this that you are taking the time to indulge in.

How Do I Invest In Precious Metals?

Precious Metals investing has never been more easier than today with the sophistication of the internet, and the ability to screen and locate both local and international companies and products at your discretion. There are a number of ways to hold your precious metals, and we recommend a variety of ways. The first thing you have to decide is, do you prefer to physically hold your gold and silver, or do you prefer to secure it in a vault with a reputable company? We would recommend you to do both. However, the amount to be held would solely be determined and left up to being placed under your discretion and comfort level. For some, such as the forward deployed military, it is not feasible to have any gold and silver at their home because of their current living conditions and location. For others, it may be just a safety issue and concern of being able to know where to hide and protect their wealth. For many silver and gold owners, it is very standard for them to keep their holdings in a quality standard and audited vault. This is again one of the reasons why we recommend Regal Assets, not only because they provide access to make physical gold and silver purchases, but also because they allow for large level accounts to be managed, including IRA, 401K, and TSP accounts to be rolled over safely and tax free, with independent high quality auditing of your products. It is always imperative to have a genuine trust with your gold and silver provider. As the internet has shown us countless examples, not only of individuals facing high level fraudulent counterfeit gold, but also now are the banks! Trust all local and international gold and silver dealers that are trusted and have consistent high trust and service ratings! Regal Assets once again has the highest level of trust in the industry and that trust is Trust Link Verified and also the only company in its category with a A+ Rating with The Better Business Bureau. Now that we have a general idea of how and why, it is important for us to address our most frequently asked questions that every smart investor asks us before making a significant cash and/or precious metal investment for their future.


How Do I Invest In Gold, Silver, And Other Precious Metals?

As mentioned above, there are two main personal ways that investors choose to invest in precious metals outside of the stock market, and that is 1) in owning the physical precious metals at home, and also 2) in having the precious metals vault stored, preferably by reputable and approved precious metals dealers. With the internet you can find and compare a number of both local and international precious metals dealers that have high customer approval and satisfaction ratings to avoid being scammed and being a victim of a fraudulent transaction.

Is It True That I Can Put My Retirement Account Into Precious Metals?

Absolutely! Since 2014, a wide range of precious metal options have become available for the vigilant investor who seeks a safe store of value for providing a hedge of investment for their retirement account. The precious metals allowed for your retirement account are not only limited to gold and silver, but also inclusive are the wonderful elements of platinum and palladium as well! This allows the smart investor to invest in not only one type of precious metal to diversify their retirement account away from paper based investments that are connected to the sensitivity of the stock market’s volatile rising and dipping.

What is a precious metal backed or a gold backed IRA?

A precious metal or gold backed IRA is essentially nothing more than a self-directed IRA. Many wealthy and savvy investors know that they can attach tax free retirement benefits to assets such as real estate and other assets diversified outside of the risks carried with traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual fund investments. Precious metal backed or gold backed IRAs are great options for investors who are not willing to take on such volatile risks that come within the stock market.

Can I include any types of precious metals in my retirement portfolio as long as they are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium?

Actually there are protections and provisions that were put in place per The 1997 Tax Payer Relief Act that restricts and limits the range and types of precious metals that you can keep in your retirement account within each element class. In fact, all of the rounds and bars in your retirement account must not only be IRA approved for your security, but also they have protections that ensure that they have been produced by manufacturers who are accredited by NYMEX/COMEX, LME, LBMA, NYSE/LIFFE/CBOT, and ISE-9000 or a national mint. These provisions and restrictions are put in place for your protection.

Is there a minimum or a maximum purity that I must have regarding the precious metals kept within my retirement account?

There is not a maximum purity limit on your precious metals investments. However, there is a minimum purity level that ensures the fineness of each category of precious metal kept by you in your portfolio. The description below gives you a better understanding and the exact minimum fineness level for each precious metal and element class that you hold in your retirement account:

Silver .995+

Gold .995+

Platinum .995+

Palladium .995+

Am I Only Limited To Precious Metals With My Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA?

Absolutely not! One of the wonderful things about a Self-Directed IRA is it is very popular due to its level of flexibility and leverage that it provides investors. In fact, with a Self-Directed IRA, you are not limited to just possessing precious metals, but you can also add Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), stocks and share options from mining stocks that are related to precious metals, and you even have the freedom and flexibility to pursue IRA approved investments that are not related to precious metals at all! There are many more opportunities afforded to investors who prefer to be involved in determining the fate of their retirement accounts without relying upon fund managers and/or the hope and stability of social security.

Can I Use My Existing & Current Retirement Account To Invest In IRA Approved Precious Metals, Such As Gold & Silver?

Yes and No. As mentioned, you would not be able to add precious metals to your current Traditional and Roth IRA accounts. However, you are offered the possibility of being provided the option of having a Self-Directed IRA set-up for you on your behalf. You actually may use the current account value that you have in your retirement accounts to begin your investing into precious metals without having to invest new money into your new precious metals account. You would do this by one of two ways: 1) IRA Rollover 2) IRA Transfer.

What Is The Difference Between An IRA Rollover and An IRA Transfer?

This is a very good question, and the answer could not be any more simpler. A Rollover will allow you to have the funds from your existing account placed into your personal account with up to a 60 day grace period for you to make a new selection for your new IRA custodian. The key thing is however, you will have only those sixty days of being liable for selecting your new retirement vehicle before the funds in your personal account suffer federal tax penalties. Conversely, a Transfer option will allow you transfer your retirement account from your current custodian or holder to your newly selected retirement account. A Transfer will limit you the unnecessary hassle and worry of having to get your retirement funds out of your account and into a new retirement vehicle within 60 days.

Government Currencies & Shares of Stock Can Be Re-Printed, Gold & Silver Cannot!!

Do I Have To Transfer Everything At Once?

Not at all. It is very much optional for you to have a full transfer and rollover of your retirement account or only just an incremental. The option is completely up to you and allows you to be left up to the choice and maintain control of the direction and safety of your financial future.

Are There Fees, Taxes, & Penalties That My Account Will Have To Suffer If I Initiate A Transfer Into A Gold Or Precious Metal IRA?

There are absolutely zero taxes and penalties that you will have to suffer from transferring your traditional IRA account into a gold or precious metal IRA account. This will allow you to participate in more opportunities to save.

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What Are The Typical IRA Management Fees Associated With Gold & Precious Metals IRA Accounts?

The typical fees associated with gold and precious metals IRA accounts can vary, but most have a floor price of $250 to transfer and manage your accounts per year. Additionally, annual storage fee costs will add to your costs at a rate of about 1% of your total precious metal portfolio and account storage value. In fact, what separates our recommendation of Regal Assets in being the industry leaders is in that Regal Assets only offers a flat and fixed $215 yearly fee, no matter the size of your account. The $215 flat fee breaks down annually to $90 going to the administration and management of your account, and $125 per storage year going to the storage fee to Brinks for your account for the year. In fact, Regal Assets is so superior in their service and have the highest client satisfaction rating in the industry that they actually waive your first year set-up, management, and all other additional fees, which include the administration fees, storage fees and the delivery of your metals via Brinks Security. You will not receive any bill until your second year, which will be a simple pre-understood flat fee of $215.

How Easy & How Fast Can I Set Up My Self-Directed IRA?

This is by far one of the simplest parts of the entire process for you. Pending that you work with and through a company that is both qualified and specializes in precious metal retirement plans and precious metals specifically, you can expect to have your retirement account set-up on an average of 30 days to at most a length of 90 days. Our preferred recommendation, Regal Assets, is the only precious metal retirement account service provider, that not only will have your new account set-up within 24 hours of having a signed application, but they will also have the funds transferred within 48 hours, and they are the only precious metals provider that will have your precious metals shipped within 7 days of being funded. In fact, if the process of getting your precious metals in your possession takes longer than 7 days, Regal Assets includes a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to your order free of charge at no cost to you! Once your precious metals are shipped, they are insured and you will receive a tracking number so that you may track your precious metals through every step of the process. By doing everything electronically, Regal Assets eliminates the average and standard lengthy processing time that is prevalent within the rest of the industry.

How Soon Can I Hold & Possess My Gold, Silver, & Other Precious Metals?

Everything with this depends on a number of things, if you are considering the IRA option to hold and possess your precious metal wealth, than it all follows the same guidelines and standards as any other typical and standard IRA regulation that prevents you from having any access to the value of your account until a minimum age of 59 1/2 years of age.

If you are considering making a cash option to hold your actual wealth, it will depend on your dealer. You can go to a local approved dealer and receive your precious metals immediately upon leaving the dealer. We recommend verifying the reviews for all local and online dealers as the increased interest in precious metal ownership grows, so are the number of fraud cases growing. Trust your dealer based on established history and credibility and do not be swayed by low spot prices and rates!

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How Do I Get Started? The Prices On Precious Metals Are Going Up!

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