“9 out of 10 Businesses Fail; So I came up with a foolproof plan- create 10 businesses” -Robert Kiyosaki

Many are unaware of the daunting statistics that face business owners everyday regarding the success and failure rate. With 90% of all new businesses expected to fail one must have an understanding that the game of business is not at all a guaranteed one. Your ability to achieve business success is not a one directional path. In fact, 88% of the S&P 500 businesses from the mid 50’s are no longer here today. In fact, since 1955, of the 500 businesses, there are only 60 that remain today in 2017.

If Few Big Businesses Last, How Can You Ensure That You Will?

These businesses and most businesses fail for a variety of reasons, and the more that you are aware of the common and uncommon reasons of failure, the more you can enjoy the privilege of having this knowledge in your mental base to make sound decisions to prolong the life expectancy of your organization. Here at Smart Wealth Investments, we are very focused on our subscribers and community of readers in having the best perspective, decision making and resources available to make the right cost conscious decisions for the success of their enterprise. We however, do not like to sugar coat the reality of the figures and statistics and the hard work that it will necessarily take to have a long lasting profitable business. The ability to create a baby is much easier than raising that child, and in the same way a business needs to be understood that it will be much easier getting things started than it will be to keeping things going. We are excited for you in your approach and eagerness to go in the direction that very few succeed in. If you are here it means that you have a severe thirst for knowledge and understanding, and that appetite is what will separate you more and more from the troubles that people go through in business. is not the only place for you to achieve business success and knowledge and learning. You will find in our resources and development section that we have a number of tools and resources that our readers can find to achieve an ample level of understanding to better increase their mindset, success and various levels of understanding.