GG PRO 5000 SS

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Best Selling Cast Master Furnace!

Impress Your Friends With Your New Hobby Or Protect Your Investment By Melting Your Own Gold At Home!

After many requests, we have finally found a quality Smart Wealth Investment approved product that we believe satisfies and meets the merits of delivering our client satisfaction rate at a high level. This amazing BEST SELLING & BRAND NEW – GG PRO 5000  SS. That’s right folks…SS Stands For STAINLESS STEEL. It is Amazing! This is an extremely both efficient and economical light duty propane melting furnace!  Indulge in your hobby as an enthusiast, or protect yourself by managing and controlling your own precious metal melting privately at the safety of your own home.  Why risk letting anyone know the value you hold?  Also, consider being the one who has the benefit of providing both skill and trust to your friends and family that may need their gold and other precious metals converted into larger or smaller quantities.  Invest in another form of protection by clicking here!

Product Description:

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5 Kg Propane Smelting Furnace/Kiln that can melt up to 5 Kg (Brass). Please note that other materials and metals will vary due to their volume. Our GG Pro 5000 is designed for jewelers, metal-smiths, hobbyists and refiners. This high temperature, fast melting furnace is designed with a powerful DFP burner to heat up to 2700F (1482°C). This amazing kiln efficiently melts gold, silver, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, and other metals! Get this… There is absolutely NO electricity required! AMAZING!!! Designed with a heavy-duty steel exterior with refractory cement on the furnace floor and firebrick, therefore providing both superior strength and durability. Our furnace has an interior which fully lined with 1″ of ceramic wool. The cover is lined with 2″ to 3″ of the ceramic wool as well. Melts in as little as 15 to 20 minutes! Our furnace is quality designed in the USA and we offer 100% USA customer support for all of your questions and concerns. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Simple and easy to use, our furnace easily hooks up to any standard propane tank.


  • Designed for quality here at home in the USA. 100% USA customer support. Call us with any questions. We are here for YOU!
  • Melts your PRECIOUS METALS like GOLD in less than 15 minutes.
  •  GG Pro 5000 SS can heat up to 2700°F (1482°C).
  •  Amazing 80,000 BTU Burner.
  • 5kg CRUBILE, Tongs, & Connection kit IS INCLUDED.
  •  Requires Standard Propane Tank NOT INCLUDED.
  • Furnace Body Constructed Of: Steel 16 gauge (1.5 mm) and a lightweight shell. Chamber Dimensions: 6″ W x 7.6″ H (150 mm x 190 mm). Maximum crucible size is 11 lbs (5 Kg). Outside Dimensions: 8″ W x 12″ H (200 mm x 300 mm). Weight: 16 lbs (7 Kg). Connection kit included: Gas pressure regulator, 1 – 90 PSI (0 – 6 bar) gauge with manometer, an 8″ gas hose, and 2 clamps.

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